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Large group photo of IEEE and ASME members in Zilker Park.

Become a Member

All of our free events, free merch, and free workshops cost a lot for us. That is why, to become an official member with additional perks, we ask you for a one-time fee of $10! Swing by our office (EER 0.822) if you're interested!

Group photo if IEEE members on a 2 story boat.

IEEE Guest

To be a guest is completely free! As a guest, you get access to free events and free food at those events! (As long as you RSVP...)

IEEE Member

As a member, you get access to tons of perks listed below! All of this comes at a one-time cost of $10. And no, your member status will never expire!

Members listening to activity instructions in pairs on field


As a member, you have access to so much! Here are just a few...


Each official member gets an org t-shirt for free! You can also get more merch by attending events and filling out your punch card described below!

Photo from back of general meeting with John Deere

Resume Reviews

We'll gladly review your resume to help you prepare for internships or jobs!

Become a Member2 IEEE members in a classroom podium laugh while looking at a laptop

FamilIEEE System

Each semester, our FamilIEEE system creates a fun way to meet people and get competitive.

Become a MemberGroup photo looks at camera while a member shows their phone's clock to the camera

IMs & Esports

IMs & Esports are a great way to stay engaged non-academically!

Become a MemberGroup photo of volleyball intramural team on volleyball court